Outlaw Jim Eaton
Jim Eaton ~ Lead Vocals, Guitar

“Outlaw” Jim Eaton was born into the world on April 3rd, an infamous anniversary most would rather ignore. But Outlaw Jim embraces his birthday – the day notorious Missouri outlaw Jesse James was shot and killed in St. Joseph, Missouri (just a few miles from Jim’s hometown of Parkville) – as more than just coincidence.

He knew music was his passion from the first time he picked up his father’s old Harmony archtop guitar. The combination of cultures from livin’ in Colorado, New Orleans, and Nashville created a “Screamin’ Soulful Funky Outlaw Country” sound that make Outlaw Jim and The Whiskey Benders come alive by night, thriving on the energy of a rowdy crowd, and channelin’ their connection with old outlaws and honky tonks in their songs, weaving sinister tales of loving and leaving and living wrecklessly.

Jim writes most of his band’s songs with his childhood friend Nate Rule, finding inspiration in the least expected places, often in his sleep. Of course, many ideas come from his crazy on-stage experiences.
As the leader of the band, Jim considers the guys part of the family. His little brother, Frank, creates a unique harmonic dynamic that only voices connected through genetics can produce.

“Cliff is a musical and sound genius,” Jim says. “Brent is an ole road dog that has paved the road for us youngsters. Mark is hilarious and doesn’t mean to be with a very kind soul. Frank keeps me in line and checks my spelling. I have great respect for all of them.”

On Jim’s personal playlist: The Allman Brothers

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